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Kampfer:Yay for generic crap

Apparently Kampfer is having an anime adaption.What is Kampfer?Girls in school girl uniforms battling each other.Its like Sekirei…only the main character is a mahou shoujo-ish type.HE changes into a magical girl.The main reason I care is that I once considering translating the manga series after I stumbled upon a bunch of raws.Looked interesting but apart from the eye candy,pretty generic IMO.Glad I never found the conviction to do anything.So far 2 chapters of the manga have been translated into english if anybody is interested to check it out.

I on the other hand will be busy working.And my DVD’s for Vandread came today.The problem is I just found out I’m missing 2 dvd’s 20/26 episodes.So I’m back to bargain hunting.But those anime hoarders are charging crazy prices for the final DVD for season 2 I need to complete my collection.Hopefully I’ll find a sneaky way to get it for free.


Stuff I did this winter =)

Apparently I’m dead.Because I’m too bust with my life to keep up with this blog.Or whats left of it.These past few months have been nothing but trouble.

I’m a little happy though because I finally bought the whole Vandread dvd set from Geneon.Its in the mail but I’m gonna marathon it.Its probably going to be the millionth time I’ll be watching it.Apparently the DVDs cost less than my teddy bear now.

I’m also planning to get a job this summer to buy Azumanga Daioh and Chobits….it should cost a hundred bucks or so.I haven’t rewatched this as many times as I would have given how I’m such a big fan of Chiyo-chan

And I’ve decided to start translating To Love-ru on a semi-weekly basis so that my japanese doesn’t get too rusty.I’ll be posting the stuff I do on finally I’m going to go to Chinatown next week to find cheap junk(maybe).

Oh and I’m thinking of doing a few more of those song subbing thingys on youtube.I found the new Koihime musou shin Opening some sometime back.Hopefully I’ll get some time to write up the lyrics.