Kampfer:Yay for generic crap

Apparently Kampfer is having an anime adaption.What is Kampfer?Girls in school girl uniforms battling each other.Its like Sekirei…only the main character is a mahou shoujo-ish type.HE changes into a magical girl.The main reason I care is that I once considering translating the manga series after I stumbled upon a bunch of raws.Looked interesting but apart from the eye candy,pretty generic IMO.Glad I never found the conviction to do anything.So far 2 chapters of the manga have been translated into english if anybody is interested to check it out.

I on the other hand will be busy working.And my DVD’s for Vandread came today.The problem is I just found out I’m missing 2 dvd’s 20/26 episodes.So I’m back to bargain hunting.But those anime hoarders are charging crazy prices for the final DVD for season 2 I need to complete my collection.Hopefully I’ll find a sneaky way to get it for free.


1 Response to “Kampfer:Yay for generic crap”

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