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August Wrap Up:31 days in 300 words…not really

Hmm alot happened this month…though I doubt any of them were really significant.First off,I have absolutely nothing new to watch besides one piece(catching up on missed episodes).So I’ll just rant about how the current anime I’m watching is going as well as what I did this month.All the otaku related bits of course. Continue reading ‘August Wrap Up:31 days in 300 words…not really’


Forever We Can Make It – THYME ~To Love-Ru~

I wonder how I missed this one but I just noticed the mp3 is available now so I took the liberty to download it and I like what I hear.The full version is just as up beat as the TV version so I have nothing to do but sit back and enjoy.Speaking of which I had the urge to upload it so you guys can download it to save you guys the hassle.Download it HERE

Another thing that happened today was the attack of the common cold,hence I’m on my death-bed XD but I’ll rise from the ashes and be back kicking in the morning..or the next morning.


Caramelldansen Pangya !!

I was browsing random videos and then…When the two things I like are put together it becomes this———-Carameldanzen pangya (o.o)!!

What is it?Well carameldanzen is a cultural phenomenon with a swedish band’s song as the music and a addictive neko Continue reading ‘Caramelldansen Pangya !!’


Minami-ke:Okawari + My new scanlation group with samples

I felt its high time I said something about this given that I was a mindless follower of the series last year and still a casual watcher of the second season.After weeks of thought about regarding why the first season was so amazing and why the second season okawari was mediocre compared to the comedy genius depicted previously.Both came from the same manga yet have different comedic effects.I have drawn the conclusion that it was entirely the animation studio’s brilliant script editing rather than the manga itself being mediocre which was the reason behind its success. Continue reading ‘Minami-ke:Okawari + My new scanlation group with samples’


Abridged Series:Yu-gi-Oh parody returns

Arguably the most famous person on youtube  ever in the anime category,Littlekuriboh is back from his real life to bring us more videos of “Yugi-Oh: the abridged series”.Before his short-lived stardom on youtube ended due to youtube being blind to the difference between copyright and fair-use of media and the countless narutards/anime haters who stalked his Continue reading ‘Abridged Series:Yu-gi-Oh parody returns’


Making a scanlation group….?>.>

Meh since i have been reading more manga these days to anime for some reason i suddenly feel the need to scanlate some manga?! Wierd huh but now I am in

Continue reading ‘Making a scanlation group….?>.>’


Dark Days Ahead..

“The Japanese government issued a formal statement of requests to the government of the United States on regulatory reform and market competition policy on October 18, and included a request for the United States to help stop the unauthorized reproduction and distribution of Japanese animation online. Specifically, the formal statement mentions the spread of Japanese animation and other materials on video-sharing sites and peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.” Continue reading ‘Dark Days Ahead..’