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Life after/during summer….

College starts again in Septenber…I wanted more time to do all the things I have been skipping out on(updating this blog of mine for example).

I like that hoodie =D

Anyway, I’ve been living a semi-hikkomori lifestyle.Only venturing out of my apartment for food and perhaps answering the odd phone call.

Pangya is probably the only game where you can be lolicon openly

One of the reasons would be my preoccupation with summer school.And the amount of work I have to do in scanlating manga.Not to mention my current addiction to pangya(its getting better).

Strangely enough, there hasn’t been much to talk about on the anime scene for me.Alot of “second season” anime are making their rounds.I’m enjoying Spice and Wolf  2 alot…..but that’s about it I guess.I do watch a few others but it merely serves to kill time.


Over the past year or two, I’ve noticed the shrinking anime indistry in japan while online anime disribution is as healthy as ever.Torrents are used less and less.Streamng has become the new fad.These drastic changes put the indistry’s status in limbo.It’s probably going to be the turning point which will decide the fate of the industry.Thisyear alone I’ve noticed a sharp decline in anime variety.A drop in seinen titles and a large scale increase in moe,ecchi and shounen titles.Titles which sell.Titles which I have grown sick of unfortunately.Hopefully things turn out for the better.

I’ll probably  be doing whole series reviews from now on if my schedule permits.Until next time.


Spice and Wolf 7 – DVD edition

Its finally here so this is the final episode entry for the series.

Basically nothing happened this episode which warrants a detailed summary,so I’m just going over the main points.

The episode,I think was centered around how Horo’s clothes changed from episode 6 to 8.Wow!! That was Continue reading ‘Spice and Wolf 7 – DVD edition’


Spice and Wolf 13(END):Wolf and New Journey

Its sad that winter 冬 is over and spring 春 is here or is it the other way around for you guys?Anyway its the end of spicy wolf..actually it ended on Tuesday.In this final episode we see Lawrence bruised and battered in his desperate attempt to save Nora.

Lawrence burns the ropes on his wrist with the fire he started earlier and heads off like a madman in search of women Horo and Nora. Continue reading ‘Spice and Wolf 13(END):Wolf and New Journey’


Spice and wolf 12:Wolf and a Group of Youngsters

First off I feel relieved and in pain at the same time.The reason for the former being that nothing horrible happened to Horo yet this episode but I am suffering from a mild flu (X_X) Anyway,back to spicy wolf.

Say what?!(0.o)?

Continue reading ‘Spice and wolf 12:Wolf and a Group of Youngsters’


Spice And Wolf 11:A Wolf and the Greatest Secret Plan


Lawrence goes on begging for money in the streets of Rubenheigen.Not seeming as distressed as he was before,he looks resigned to the fact that he will become a bankrupt the day after tomorrow.He does however manage to gather 3 Rumiones of which he well….considered to use as gambling money.But realising that gambling is never statistically favourable he leaves the money with Horo and says his goodbye after apologising for his outburst previously.  Continue reading ‘Spice And Wolf 11:A Wolf and the Greatest Secret Plan’


Spice and Wolf 10:A Wolf and a Whirling Conspiracy

This was one of the big turning points of the series when we are finally shown how all the events in the past few episodes tie up.While I still have a few more questions, I assume they will be answered soon.


This “happy” scene is a far cry from what was to come.

The episode started on a bad feel as Lawrence is attempting to sell the  armor he bought which has been rendered worthless due to the sharp Continue reading ‘Spice and Wolf 10:A Wolf and a Whirling Conspiracy’


Spice and Wolf 9:Wolf and Shepherd’s Lambs

“Of course!!” thought Lawrence as he is yet again blessed with good fortune.This time he meets up with a Shepherd girl who is apparently a witch.I guess it will be revealed as to why she is thought of in this manner while she obviously contradicts all this negative rumours with her umm appeal?And no Lawrence did not rent himself another wife/prostitute Continue reading ‘Spice and Wolf 9:Wolf and Shepherd’s Lambs’