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Mario Hates You

May 14,Friday.

I had the urge to write something today.A first in a very long time.Lately,I haven’t been able to focus much on real life and hence, I’ve been lazying about for no reason….

Anyway,I got the idea to waste some time and talk/interact with the communities I find on the various forums I happened to be registered on, based on my otaku interests(games,anime etc).I rarely ever post anymore since I got sick of it.I can’t remember why though.And yet again,I have been reminded of the reason for that.

These so called public forums are strange in the sense that they are moderated by people who are offered the position from the higher ups.In a way,this means that the forums now “belong” to them because they have the right to judge who and what gets said.Of course,you can argue that they do follow specific guidelines etc,but any and all loopholes and grey areas are subject to that person’s whims and fancies.

What is considered “flaming”?What is considered “inappropriate”? It all boils down to the ‘mod’.After all,the mod gets the final say in everything.A referee on the internet.Or rather, an egomaniac trying to shape whatever internet space they can get into their own personal happy land?I don’t know.

The crux of the problem for me lies in the fact that I dislike being “confined”.I dislike authority of any sort when they don’t even have my respect.They can do what they want because I don’t want to be a part of that kind of community.

Go Away scary peoplez!

I find that I’m better off not interacting with people on the internet because I tend to get antagonistic and hateful easily whenever I come across assholes.And apparently,I can’t do anything about it because you’re allowed to be an asshole on the internet.As for me,I just walk away in spite of whatever happens.The right thing to do I guess.

For the record,I wrote this to get something off my chest that has been bothering me for quite some time.The internet sucks.



Just another video I subbed with what little free time I have….


Kampfer:Yay for generic crap

Apparently Kampfer is having an anime adaption.What is Kampfer?Girls in school girl uniforms battling each other.Its like Sekirei…only the main character is a mahou shoujo-ish type.HE changes into a magical girl.The main reason I care is that I once considering translating the manga series after I stumbled upon a bunch of raws.Looked interesting but apart from the eye candy,pretty generic IMO.Glad I never found the conviction to do anything.So far 2 chapters of the manga have been translated into english if anybody is interested to check it out.

I on the other hand will be busy working.And my DVD’s for Vandread came today.The problem is I just found out I’m missing 2 dvd’s 20/26 episodes.So I’m back to bargain hunting.But those anime hoarders are charging crazy prices for the final DVD for season 2 I need to complete my collection.Hopefully I’ll find a sneaky way to get it for free.


Megaman(& me) lives on:心の歌

Ahh now that I think about it…me going away to university next week really does mean that I’m leaving behind my childhood behind even further in the dust…I guess the rantings of Okkusenman would summarize my feelings now.I dunno if it will affect my anime watching…might?Whatever.I do hope to take some elementary japanese classes during summer next year though.And I might just go to AnimeExpo and take pictures of overweight Narutos cosplayers and post them up here so we can have a laugh or two.

By the way,I found the translations of the video to be somewhat accurate(of course some of that bullshit was modified a little to add to the LOL)Enjoy it because its the  “song of my heart”  XD


Nyanta the cat

The video shows Nyanta,a household japanese cat, eating from its paws.The title literally translates to “Nyanta,eating from his hands patiently”.Its wasted 35 seconds of my life aleady but I didn’t feel it was really a waste.How could I get angry with this kitty?But this is another classic example of the eccentric hobby of the Japanese who videotape thier pets doing cute things…not that I’m complaining though.Oh and I think Nyanta has been around humans too long for comfort if its starting to eat like us (>.<)


Nurarihyon no Mago- Chapter 7

Here is my second ever release from my scanlation group =D.As for the next one…it depends on how I feel.If I’m feeling lazy then too bad.Currently I don’t have fixed project but I’ll continue to pick whatever I like.And the quality is improved significantly,but don’t expect HQ releases anytime soon because its TOO MUCH WORK!!


Media fire:HERE
Rapid share:HERE


Update:Yea I decided to do chapter 8 too because I thought it would be fun.I might be proven wrong.


Forever We Can Make It – THYME ~To Love-Ru~

I wonder how I missed this one but I just noticed the mp3 is available now so I took the liberty to download it and I like what I hear.The full version is just as up beat as the TV version so I have nothing to do but sit back and enjoy.Speaking of which I had the urge to upload it so you guys can download it to save you guys the hassle.Download it HERE

Another thing that happened today was the attack of the common cold,hence I’m on my death-bed XD but I’ll rise from the ashes and be back kicking in the morning..or the next morning.