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Soul Eater OP 2:Papermoon(TV) – sub by me

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By Tommy Heavenly 6
Subbed by me

Raw version…

translation by me:(updated)

I’m falling down into my shadow;
Your breath is hidden;
Wait for me deadly night;
Don’t Scary;
The kind of world that you would desire…
is reflected in your gaze;
See you in your dreams yeah,babe;
As for those scary dreams;
For your sake,Fairy Blue
I want to smash the Black Papermoon for all to see;
Because you gave me belief in myself!
When you’re
Lost “Here” I am…
“Forever” with your soul
When I glance upwards,you glisten like the moon.


I do not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the subs since I just did it in half an hour.


Toradora!:OP & ED mini analysis

Yo…its been a while I just came back from my mid-terms and I “aced” it (>.<) no really, please let me ace it…ehh so I’m gonna talk about err Toradora!!!! But since I already talk about that in Yukan I’m just gonna focus around the ED and OP songs,sung by Rie Kumigaya and Yui Horie respectively,there was a third person but I forgot…lol

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Megaman(& me) lives on:心の歌

Ahh now that I think about it…me going away to university next week really does mean that I’m leaving behind my childhood behind even further in the dust…I guess the rantings of Okkusenman would summarize my feelings now.I dunno if it will affect my anime watching…might?Whatever.I do hope to take some elementary japanese classes during summer next year though.And I might just go to AnimeExpo and take pictures of overweight Narutos cosplayers and post them up here so we can have a laugh or two.

By the way,I found the translations of the video to be somewhat accurate(of course some of that bullshit was modified a little to add to the LOL)Enjoy it because its the  “song of my heart”  XD


August Wrap Up:31 days in 300 words…not really

Hmm alot happened this month…though I doubt any of them were really significant.First off,I have absolutely nothing new to watch besides one piece(catching up on missed episodes).So I’ll just rant about how the current anime I’m watching is going as well as what I did this month.All the otaku related bits of course. Continue reading ‘August Wrap Up:31 days in 300 words…not really’


Koihime Musou:Return from hiatus T.T

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while but I’ve been having my hands full with dividing my time between anime and my job(teaching children animals in a school)…which thankfully ends next week as my contract expires.But enough of that,I’ve been behind on alot of the summer I think I’ll take this chance to just talk about one of the summer anime’s I liked so far. Continue reading ‘Koihime Musou:Return from hiatus T.T’


Birdy The Mighty Decode 02:Afromania 4eva

I’ve been having these weird lags on my vlc when I play videos from eclipse and now from infinite-zero.Conclusion?Either that Vista sucks or their encoding is screwed. Continue reading ‘Birdy The Mighty Decode 02:Afromania 4eva’


Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto:Natsu no Sora – 01

The longest name I’ve heard in a while for an anime.Basically it means,”The magical messenger’s important words:Sora’s summer”.I’m not 100% sure but that was what I thought it meant.There’s only so much one can do to mask the boring aura this show exudes.While being taken aback by the stunning CGI,I was Continue reading ‘Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto:Natsu no Sora – 01’