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Code Geass R2 – 01

Bunny girls FTW!!

Code geass is back with season 2.Am I happy?I can’t tell since I’m feeling sorta aphetic lately.The good news is that it wasn’t a letdown animation wise but the introduction a the new characters is questionable.Rolo,Lelouch’s “brother” suddenly appears.Me thinks its a haox and god he is such a wimp.The only reason I watched Geass in the first place was to get away from guys like this (emos,suicidal psycopaths,wimps).No wonder some guys called it Gayass,though I didn’t like how they use it to refer to one of my fav series.So now we flash forward in the future by one year.Zero is assumed to be dead and Lelouch is living a normal life of a high school student.All the cast is retained with exception of the dead ones of course.

Note: Screenshot CAPTIONS UP

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