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(PV)Tommy Heavenly 6:Papermoon – sub =)

Click on the bottom right arrow on the video and select closed captions to view subs.Best viewed in HQ.

So I spent some time subbing this…last night for fun though I’m not very good at it(imo).I dunno if its all correct though since I did it by ear and all.I’ll correct it if I so happen to get the official transcription eventually.Enjoy ^^

Edit: I was told by youtube that this was deleted.Apparently there’s a loop hole of some sort here because this video works.Well….I fixed the lyrics anyway.


「CRAWL」by VELTPUNCH (Nabari no Ou)

This is Nabari no Ou’s OP song PV(Promotional video).Its pretty reminiscent of old school pop rock like how Asian Kung-fu Generation usually does it.The solo electric guitar riffs were awesome and yes…very Ajikan like, but I know its not nice to be compared to others so the similarities end there.The main difference would be the vocalist who doesn’t have Gotoh’s heavy duty pipes but still has a pretty decent set of chords.I don’t really go all out to worship J-pop bands nor do I listen to them so much until I’m singing their lyrics half the time.But when you watch anime you just can’t help but find out about a few bands you never heard of before.The guy that uploaded this insisted that its officially coming out on May 21st 2008 so I’ll take his word for it.