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(PV)Tommy Heavenly 6:Papermoon – sub =)

Click on the bottom right arrow on the video and select closed captions to view subs.Best viewed in HQ.

So I spent some time subbing this…last night for fun though I’m not very good at it(imo).I dunno if its all correct though since I did it by ear and all.I’ll correct it if I so happen to get the official transcription eventually.Enjoy ^^

Edit: I was told by youtube that this was deleted.Apparently there’s a loop hole of some sort here because this video works.Well….I fixed the lyrics anyway.


Soul Eater OP 2:Papermoon(TV) – sub by me

To see subs(best viewed in HQ):

1. Click the “up arrow” button on the bottom right of the video player.

2. Click the captions/subtitles menu button. This button will only be clickable if there are captions/subtitle for this video.

By Tommy Heavenly 6
Subbed by me

Raw version…

translation by me:(updated)

I’m falling down into my shadow;
Your breath is hidden;
Wait for me deadly night;
Don’t Scary;
The kind of world that you would desire…
is reflected in your gaze;
See you in your dreams yeah,babe;
As for those scary dreams;
For your sake,Fairy Blue
I want to smash the Black Papermoon for all to see;
Because you gave me belief in myself!
When you’re
Lost “Here” I am…
“Forever” with your soul
When I glance upwards,you glisten like the moon.


I do not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the subs since I just did it in half an hour.


Soul Eater 12:I love cats <3

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Strange… but cute though.

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Resonance – T.M Rev ~radio rip version

Ahh the radio rip version….not as good as the mp3 which is yet to be released but who cares…I’m hungry for souls =) I must say its pretty hard for me to understand most of T.M revolution’s songs though I have a fan Continue reading ‘Resonance – T.M Rev ~radio rip version’


My Picks:Fav Anime this Spring

So we’re a good distance into the spring anime season so far and instead of writing about Soul Eater episode 6 I’m going to talk about the anime I liked so far this season.

1.Code Geass R2

While the seasoned veterans call this by its cooler sounding name “Gayass” I’ll just stick to the standard one for now.Fangirls are reportedly pissed that more male fanservice is introduced this time around Continue reading ‘My Picks:Fav Anime this Spring’


Soul Eater 5:Stein Bigger than Black Star?

Its so true!!The boob sizes are totally unsymmetrical.I should just die (T.T) lol I have been infected by Kid’s deranged obsession.Just last night I spent an hour editing ONE page of Nurarihyon no Mago when it should have taken half an hour.I blame the raws and the author for drawing such complicated stuff =P.
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Soul Eater – 4

I’m feeling lazy to write a long detailed summary and dissect this episode to bits so I’ll just do a picture blog.Its the new in thing.Says who?Dunno but it should be.


Dreams sure are nice and its no different with soul.Maka however comes in at the wrong time and things get complicated. Continue reading ‘Soul Eater – 4’