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(PV)Tommy Heavenly 6:Papermoon – sub =)

Click on the bottom right arrow on the video and select closed captions to view subs.Best viewed in HQ.

So I spent some time subbing this…last night for fun though I’m not very good at it(imo).I dunno if its all correct though since I did it by ear and all.I’ll correct it if I so happen to get the official transcription eventually.Enjoy ^^

Edit: I was told by youtube that this was deleted.Apparently there’s a loop hole of some sort here because this video works.Well….I fixed the lyrics anyway.


Soul Eater OP 2:Papermoon(TV) – sub by me

To see subs(best viewed in HQ):

1. Click the “up arrow” button on the bottom right of the video player.

2. Click the captions/subtitles menu button. This button will only be clickable if there are captions/subtitle for this video.

By Tommy Heavenly 6
Subbed by me

Raw version…

translation by me:(updated)

I’m falling down into my shadow;
Your breath is hidden;
Wait for me deadly night;
Don’t Scary;
The kind of world that you would desire…
is reflected in your gaze;
See you in your dreams yeah,babe;
As for those scary dreams;
For your sake,Fairy Blue
I want to smash the Black Papermoon for all to see;
Because you gave me belief in myself!
When you’re
Lost “Here” I am…
“Forever” with your soul
When I glance upwards,you glisten like the moon.


I do not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the subs since I just did it in half an hour.