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(PV)Tommy Heavenly 6:Papermoon – sub =)

Click on the bottom right arrow on the video and select closed captions to view subs.Best viewed in HQ.

So I spent some time subbing this…last night for fun though I’m not very good at it(imo).I dunno if its all correct though since I did it by ear and all.I’ll correct it if I so happen to get the official transcription eventually.Enjoy ^^

Edit: I was told by youtube that this was deleted.Apparently there’s a loop hole of some sort here because this video works.Well….I fixed the lyrics anyway.


Minami-ke:Okawari + My new scanlation group with samples

I felt its high time I said something about this given that I was a mindless follower of the series last year and still a casual watcher of the second season.After weeks of thought about regarding why the first season was so amazing and why the second season okawari was mediocre compared to the comedy genius depicted previously.Both came from the same manga yet have different comedic effects.I have drawn the conclusion that it was entirely the animation studio’s brilliant script editing rather than the manga itself being mediocre which was the reason behind its success. Continue reading ‘Minami-ke:Okawari + My new scanlation group with samples’


[Drama CD]Higurashi no naku koro ni with translations

Looks like my random internet surfing has paid off in a big LOL cheque.I admit that I am not familiar with “Higurashi no naku koro ni” or as its written “ひぐらしのなく頃に” since I only watched 1 episode but I remember enough to know what this is. As the commentator said”Drama CD, Higurashinakukoroni ,commercial sket,that final paradise, where are you?”(Sorry if its wrong since I’m not too fluent in Japanese).So here is the translations I did:

Preview with the girl:

This sorrow/unhappiness,the reason it happened,an accident? yes it was an accident…it wasn’t as if I was really interested in looked very lively so I just had to go back to…I wasn’t the one who made the corpse.Hey why is there a camera running here?You don’t have permission,so hurry up and turn it off.Hey someone restrain this guy.Hey are you listening to me?

Note:I dunno if the translation I did for the part above is correct >.< but I think its 80% accurate.I had to cut of a  couple of words since I didn’t get it too well. 

Scene 1:

Ahh its so warm today//Good morning//Ahh you surprized me//Good morning Keiichi-kun, you are awfully early Continue reading ‘[Drama CD]Higurashi no naku koro ni with translations’